dress: Ingrid and Isabel (officially the best maternity dress ever!)

We recently had our baby shower for our little boy. It was exactly what I wanted it to be! We did a woodland themed, co-ed baby shower. I wanted it to be simple, with delicious food and lots of mingling with friends and family. There was a little tree with both daddy and mommy’s baby/kid pictures with an ultrasound photo of our baby boy. I painted a tree and asked that guest stamp their thumbprint and sign it like you would for a guest book. I plan to hang the finish product in the baby’s room. I also made my own floral crown specifically for the shower and our upcoming maternity shoot. I was going to buy one online, but my mom suggested I make it. I actually loved how it turned out and I plan to write up a tutorial for the blog! I’ve been obsessed with hot chocolate throughout this pregnancy so of course I had to have a mini hot chocolate bar for our guests. His mother made the most beautiful naked cakes for the occasion. They are lightly frosted and not super extravagant, but I think their simplicity speaks for themselves. They were also so yummy!! We had three different flavors, vanilla with strawberries and buttercream frosting, red velvet with cream cheese frosting and chocolate with raspberries and buttercream frosting. Our baby shower was the perfect way to welcome our little boy and we are so glad our friends and family came to share this special occasion with us.

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