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March 2016



Clinique Pep-Start is an eye cream that is suppose to brighten and hydrate the area around your eyes. So far a really like this product. I do feel like it helps wake my eyes up and gives them that extra brightness they need to look well rested, which I need as of lately! Fresh Soy Face Cleanser was a sample I was given. I use it every night with my Clarisonic. It feels really gentle on my skin and my face feels refreshed after using it. This ...


jeans, tank, flats, sunglasses, espadrilles, bralette, clutch, hat, tee Some things I am craving for spring! Lots of pastels and pretty things!
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For the baby shower and maternity shoot, I knew I wanted to wear a flower crown. I searched etsy and found a few that I absolutely loved. Only thing was, they weren’t that cheap for something I would wear twice. My mom suggested I try making my own flower crown. At first I was hesitant because my heart was set one this beautiful crown I had found on etsy. After thinking it through, I thought why not give it a try. I then searched the ...