I have always loved taking bubble baths and relaxing. I am always on the look out for the perfect soaps to help me relax and unwind. One of my best friends, Lianna Piccetti, makes some pretty amazing soaps. She makes all natural, homemade cold pressed soaps. They are absolutely beautiful! Some soaps are merely decoration, but aren’t great soaps which makes them pointless (those kind drive me crazy). Well not these soaps! My favorite thing about them is the way the lather up so easily. They make my skin feel oh so soft and silky. The scents of each soap is delicate and not too strong like some soaps can be. My two favorite scents from her, are the lemongrass and the grapefruit. They smell delicious! When I need to relax I love soaking in a warm bath, using a bar of Lianna’s soap. I also will light a candle to help me relax. I have an obsession with candles. I love Voluspa candles and highly recommend them. They make the whole room smell amazing. Whenever I feel like I need to unwind I will light one and enjoy the scent.

*You can shop Lianna’s soap here

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