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For the baby shower and maternity shoot, I knew I wanted to wear a flower crown. I searched etsy and found a few that I absolutely loved. Only thing was, they weren’t that cheap for something I would wear twice. My mom suggested I try making my own flower crown. At first I was hesitant because my heart was set one this beautiful crown I had found on etsy. After thinking it through, I thought why not give it a try. I then searched the internet for DIY flower crown tutorials. There are so many!!! So I have decided to write up my own. It really is super simple and way less than one from etsy!IMG_0008

Supplies needed:

~Several different types of flowers, leaves, branches etc. Really up to you and the look you are going for. (I used all fake flowers)

~A hot glue gun

~Floral wire

~Floral tape

~Thin ribbon

~Wire cutters and scissors


  1. Grab the floral wire and measure to your head. I did not want mine to go all the way around. (I used ribbon to connect it together.) I twisted two pieces of wire for this crown in this picture, but for my actual shower crown, it was just one string of floral wire going straight across.IMG_0012
  2. Create little loops at each end of the crown. I simply just twisted the end once I made a loop. (This is for the ribbon later.)IMG_0015
  3. Grab anywhere from one to three flowers, leaves, branched etc. Again this is up to your preference. Male sure to trim the stems so they are long enough enough to be wrapped around the wire. If they are too short, it will be very difficult.IMG_0021
  4. First I put a dab of hot glue onto the floral wire and then applied the flowers. Once the glue cools a bit, I use the floral tape and stretch it around the stems. I wrap it around a few times. Make sure to pull on the tape as you go since that makes it sticky. When I feel it is secure, I cut the tape and smooth it out on the crown. You would just go about doing this each time you apply flowers. Towards the end it was too hard to try and wrap flowers around since I had run out of room so I would just hot glue them into the spaces that were sparse or needed a little something.
  5. Trim you ribbon to the length you desire. Put the ribbon through the end loop of the crown and make a small loop with the ribbon. You will hot glue the end of the ribbon to itself so it stays put. (You can see this in the first picture.)

It does take some time, but it’s very easy. I hope you will give it try!

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