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Summertime is still going strong and so is that summer glow. Everybody always wants healthy, dewy and glowing skin. Now that can be achieved by a heathy diet and exercise, but I have some tips that will help you achieve that dewy skin right away. During the summer, many people, including myself, use a lighter hand when applying makeup. That could even meaning cutting out foundation all together— tinted moisture is a great alternative! Nobody wants their face melting off! Even if I don’t use foundation, I still apply a foundation primer.  This LAURA MERCIER foundation primer in Radiance is perfect. I have talked about it in this post and have been using it for so long now. It adds a subtle radiant glow while also diminishing the appearance of pores and fine lines. Think of it as prepping your skin so it’s a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup routine. Even if I’m not applying foundation, this is a step I never skip when getting ready.

Using a highlighter is another way for skin to appear like its got that healthy glow. I love this dew drops coconut gel highlighter by MARC JACOBS BEAUTY. Using a wet beauty sponge, I dab it above my cheek bones, down my nose, just a tad on my forehead and chin. It goes on so flawlessly! I use this almost daily because it makes my skin look radiant. I prefer this liquid one over a powder because it blends into my skin better.

I recently tried this PIXI glow mist from Target just on whim. I was intrigued by the design and that fact that it was perfect for dry skin—something I tend to suffer from during the summer. AND it was on the Cartwheel App!! (something everyone should use while shopping at Target) It can be used before applying makeup and after. Usually I spray my face as the last step of my makeup routine. Holy cow, this stuff is so darn amazing! Gives me that dewy glow my skin needs. Keeps my skin looking refreshed throughout the day. As always, I have linked everything below, just clock the picture to shop!

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