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Meant to post this before the New Year, but this dress is perfect for any event that calls for a fancy dress. Dress the Population has the best dresses! Whenever I need a dress for a formal event, I always check their dresses first. I posted about this LBD from them last year in this post, and its still a classic.  The dress I’m wearing in this post is actually black velvet with sequins. For this one I had to size up to a medium because it doesn’t have much stretch to it. (My other Dress the Population dress is and XS, so big difference due to the material.) I’m obsessed with this dress! I received so many compliments and the best part is, it’s comfortable!! It does have a slightly low back, so I wore those little attachments you can add to a regular bra to be appropriate for a low back. This dress also comes in a few colors!! I’ve also linked a few similar ones below!!

Photography: Shannon Righetti Strom

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