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One accessory that will never go out of style is a tan. It looks good all year round! There’s something about a tan that makes your skin glow. I’ve always loved my skin after summer vacations, it makes me feel more confident. I use to spend lots of time in the sun. I was really tan as a child, but have been b better about taking steps to minimize the sun exposure since it’s very damaging.  I want that bronzed skin, but without the risk (definitely say no to tanning beds!!). Now this brings me to self tanners. I have tried a handful of self tanners, from the wipes to lotions. Most were a quick fix, meaning they didn’t go on evenly. I had resorted to using the lotion you apply everyday to build color, but that meant it had to be used everyday.

I was asked to try tanceuticals self tanner. I used the CC self tanning body lotion and face lotion in dark, which also came with a mitt for application. Before I applying my first application, I used a dry body brush on my skin, brushing in an upwards circular motion. This helps exfoliate the skin and increases circulation. I do this before I shower and then once in the shower, I use an exfoliating soap to scrub off dead skin. This helps for a smooth and even application. After my skin is fully dry, I apply a small amount of the lotion. Pro tip: it’s best to start with a light hand and build color— especially when it’s the first application. I rub the lotion on, starting from my legs, in an upward circular motion. Be careful not to go too heavy on your knees, ankles and elbows! I do this all the way up to my neck. While I let that dry, I use a dime size amount of the face lotion on my neck and face. It’s important to let it sit for several minutes before applying other lotions or clothes.

I love tanceuticals! It looks so natural! I can easily build the tan to a darker color, but didn’t want to go too extreme. It smells like coconuts and the beach too. The tan lasts for several days without reapplication, although I reapply every two days or so. It has an even application, leaving your skin looking naturally sun-kissed. I prefer using the mitt so my hands don’t get discolored. Overall, I am very happy with this lotion.

Photography: Sarah Wolfe 

*Thank you to Tanceuticals for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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