Wide leg pants has been a  big trend the past few years. It’s easily a classic look that you can wear over and over again. Last week, my preschoolers had their graduation, which meant I needed an outfit that was a little bit more dressed up than usual. I thought about wearing a dress, but I wanted to be comfortable. I knew I may need to bend down a lot to help the children and would also be sitting on the floor at times to help them with their songs and dance. So a dress was not a practical option. These wide leg pants are almost three years old, but I will link similar options at the bottom of this post. They are my go to when I need to be a little fancier. I love the silhouette of wide leg pants. I wore them with this VICI COLLECTION blouse. I love the sleeve details with the ties and it also has an elastic hem so no need to tuck this top in. I plan on wearing this top a lot this summer because it’s the perfect print and an easy loose fit. I loved how it looked with the wide leg pants. One thing to remember when wearing wide leg pants is to keep your top cropped or tucked in to the pants. A top that is too long with wide leg pants tends to make you look like you are swimming in the clothes and nobody wants to get lost in their outfit! Anyways, happy hump day!

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