This post has been a long time coming, but finally got it up for you guys! You all know that I love trying new beauty and skin care products, then sharing them with you. Well let me tell you about this amazing brand. Korean skin care has been trending this year like crazy! So I was excited to get into the skin care trend. Saranghae (which means “love”) is an award-winning Korean 5 Step Anti-Aging skin care routine that heals, regenerates and protects your skin. Saranghae’s focus on natural ingredients and highly effective products has helped them become the fastest growing Korean skin care brand in the United States. Let me give you a brief run through of the ingredients found in this product.

Saranghae uses botanical ingredients, which is very efficient when applied to the skin. Two botanical ingredients found in this product are  the phellinus linetus mushroom and ginseng. The phellinus linetus mushroom is known as “the healing mushroom” and has been used in Asian medicine for over 1,500 years. Ginseng is also another great ingredient for anti-aging products because it helps your body restore.

 Saranghae is a 5 step system to battle the signs of aging and to help restore, regenerate and protect your skin.

Step 1: Saranghae Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser with Truffle Extract & Gold

This unique and revolutionary cleansing formula combines the deep pore cleansing power of an oil cleanser with the effective make-up removal of a foam cleanser. It eliminates oil, micro-particles, grime, dirt and toxins while hydrating and nourishing your skin at the same time. The best part? It completely removes make-up too! I love the texture of this face wash. It’s unique and unlike any other cleanser I have tried. This must be used before applying the other products in the system.

Step 2: Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum

This serum penetrates your outer epidermis layer and deliver crucial nutrients like antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins directly to your living cells. Our skin takes a beating everyday and this serum is designed to help heal and regenerate skin.

Step 3: Saranghae Firm and Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream

This cream is thick and powerful. It uses a natural blend of antioxidants, amino acids and regenerative peptides will deliver astonishingly smooth, supple and quite simply beautiful skin while diminishing age spots, redness and visible signs of aging. This has helped my skin feel moisturized and has reduced the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 4: Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream

I love a good eye cream! This cream is a very effective solution to restore vitality, diminish wrinkles, visibly lift and firm and brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Lots of sleepless nights, but this helps my eyes look more youthful.

Step 5: Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask

This unique and intense formula delivers radiant results instantly after use, while reducing existing pigmentation over time for a breathtakingly beautiful finish. This mask made my skin glow! It also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, regenerates skin cells and reduces redness.

Overall, I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin. My skin looks more youthful and supple, but the biggest improvement has been the disappearance of breakouts. I would occasionally get the random breakout, but since using Saranghae, it has pretty much stopped. I am very happy with the product and the results I have witnessed. If you are looking for an amazing, high-quality,  anti-aging skin care routine, look no further! Saranghae is awesome!

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*Thank you to Saranghae for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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