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Last week, I had the opportunity to try some amazing treats from GINGER ELIZABETH, at their new San Francisco location (there is also one in Sacramento, CA). It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth and love all things sugar! I couldn’t wait to go. Literally was a kid in a candy shop there. First off, this place is so visually appealing and gorgeous. Lots of pink and white, with beautifully displayed treats and goodies all over. It’s a chocolate lover’s heaven!! This place has macarons, chocolate bonbons, desserts, truffles, ice cream and hot chocolate to name a few.

The chocolate flavors were unique with a wide range of flavor combinations. It was hard to make a choice for my box of chocolates. I think my favorite flavors was the peanut butter graham cracker or the hazelnut praline. Honestly every piece I tried melted in my mouth and was so smooth and creamy. Writing this post is making my mouth water! I also tried a few of their macarons. My favorite was the salty caramel. I love caramel and theirs hit the spot. If you love macarons, definitely grab a box! I also tried their cocoa nib shortbread. I love shortbread and this one is full of buttery goodness! I love the texture of the cookie and the little cocoa nibs made it absolutely amazing. Before leaving, we made sure to try the seasonal peppermint hot chocolate, topped with fresh whipped cream and crunchy chocolate pearls. I’ve always loved hot chocolate and was obsessed with it while I was pregnant with Caden. If only I had this hot chocolate when those pregnancy cravings hit. It was some of the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Very rich and creamy and those little crunchy pearls were delicious too!

With the holidays in full swing, a box of hand crafted chocolates or macarons makes a great gift for a hostess/host or for family and friends. They also have jams, marshmallow batons, chocolate and caramel sauces, little cakes and desserts, the list just keeps going. Not only do they taste good, but they are truly a work of art. You can tell so much TLC goes into making all their goods. This is a place I will continue to visit! Go check them out!


*Thank you to Ginger Elizabeth for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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