I’ve never really been into tunics. I think I just couldn’t find one that I absolutely loved. I always felt frumpy or silly wearing such a long top with jeans. Well that’s changed! I stepped out of my comfort zone and found this gorgeous FREE PEOPLE floral tunic on sale at Nordstrom. It’s price matched, so Nordstrom lowers the price and matches it when another store is selling it at a lower price. I love the pale blue color of this tunic, it’s almost a mint color. It also comes in a light pink and an ivory. I love how flowy this top is making it perfect for spring and summer. I love boho looks and this one fits the bill! Since it’s a tunic, it’s long almost like a dress. I do the half tuck or sometimes I will knot the front. This tunic is great with jeans or cut offs. On another note, I wasn’t kidding about how much I love these booties! They seriously make any outfit. Also, these BLANKNYC jeans have paint splatters along with rips. It helps dress them down and makes them casual. Definitely something you could easily DIY! So I leave you with this thought, sometimes you need to take a chance and step out of your comfort level. You maybe surprised!

tunic (wearing a small), other colors here (similar here), jeans, booties (budget friendly here), sunglasses 

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    February 3, 2017 at 9:44 am

    […] The ivory one is just as gorgeous too! I can’t say enough about this cardigan! Also this tunic I posted about at the beginning of the week is on sale in the ivory and […]

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