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My obsession with face masks continue! Lately I have felt that my skin needed some extra TLC. While shopping at Sephora, I figured I would try out their sheet masks. Each one is $6 and has a different purpose. I grabbed a few that would soothe my dull and tired skin. Anyone else have fun putting sheet masks on? Kind of makes you look like a creep with a hockey mask (you know…ahem… Jason), but your skin will love it! I like to do my face masks while I relax in the bath. I tried these last week and was not disappointed. The pink mask is the Lotus Mask, which provides some extra moisture to your skin. It also helps calm stressed out skin. I do like to let my skin breathe as often as possible, but sometimes I feel like I go nonstop with makeup and products on my skin. This can stress your skin out. The Lotus Mask definitely helped soothe my skin. I was feeling very refreshed after this mask. The Shrek green mask is the Avocado Mask which nourishes your skin with lots of added nutrition. Avocado is great for your skin. Many DIY face masks include avocado because of its benefits. The bright green mask is the Green Tea Mask. This one mattifies your skin. I don’t usually deal with super oily skin, but it’s always nice to have a matte appearance with reduced shine. No one wants a super shiny face, trust me! Plus it’s suppose to fight those pesky blemishes. Those are always a pain, even as an adult. Last mask is the blue mask which is the Algae Mask. Not going to lie, at first I was hesitant because I was afraid it would have an awful smell. Especially since it’s a face mask, I feel like the scent of them can linger long after you applied the mask. Though I was hesitant, I tried it anyway because my skin could use a good detox. The scent was amazing! All of them were surprisingly a very pleasant scent. Some may find the scent to be too strong, but I enjoyed them and didn’t think they lingered on my skin after the mask was done. Out of the four masks I bought, this was by far my favorite. My skin felt and looked amazing afterward. I felt like I was glowing! I try not to be too harsh on my skin, but with makeup and the environment, it takes a beating. This mask did the trick and made my skin happy! Overall I loved these masks. Once you are done, there is no need to rinse off. You just massage the leftover product into your skin. I love how easy these were and plan on getting more to keep when my skin needs some more TLC.

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