I feel like I am always at Sephora picking something up; whether it’s something I need to refill or something new to try, I’m there often. I have known for a while now that IT Cosmetics is a great beauty brand, but I’m starting to obsess over their products. IT Cosmetics not only look good, but do good. Last week’s BEAUTY BABBLE, I talked about the Confidence in a Cream moisturizer. It’s truly is a life saver for your skin. Anyways, while I was at Sephora I figured I would try a few other things from IT Cosmetics. The Je Ne Sais Quoi lip treatment is more than just a hydrating lip balm. It brings a natural pink color to your lips and gives them that flushed look. It also smoothes out lip lines making them appear fuller. I really liked this lip balm. As much as I love lipstick and bright lip colors, I’m guilty of forgetting to put them on. This lip balm keeps my lips soft and hydrated, but adds a pretty, natural pink color. It says it last all day, but I don’t think it does. No big deal though! It’s easy to reapply throughout the day. The Superhero Mascara does wonders to your eyelashes! I like my lashes long and thick. This stuff really makes my eyes pop! I really like the formula to this mascara because it doesn’t clump. Next is the Brow Power, a universal taupe brown eyebrow pencil. I always fill my brows in the make them a little darker. What I like about this pencil is the fact that it’s universal. If you have lighter brows, you simply do light strokes to fill in your brow. A darker brow requires hard strokes. It also has a built-in spooley brush to comb your brows. The tip of the pencil is a unique oval shape for a more natural look on your brows. Lastly, I restocked my perfume Amazing Grace by philosophy. This stuff has been my favorite for years! It’s a very clean scent, smells as if you just hopped out of the shower. It’s not overpowering, but still a unique floral scent. I use this scent more than any others! Let me know if your try any of these products. I would love to hear from you!

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