I’ve talked about the Rose Stem Cell Mask by Peter Thomas Roth before (this post here). A few weeks ago, while making a run to Sephora, I saw this sample kit when I was waiting in line. I figured for $25, I could try all the face masks from Peter Thomas Roth and see which ones are worth buying in  the full size.

Pink: Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair helps fight the signs of aging. It’s important to start using anti-aging products before you start seeing signs of aging such as, fine lines and wrinkles. This gel mask helps with cell regeneration to improve the skin’s over all texture. I will sometimes apply a thin layer overnight to allow it to really work it’s magic.

Orange: Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is an exfoliation mask. It’s purpose is to get rid of those dead skin cells that make the skin appear dull. By removing that layer of dead skin cells, your skin will appear brighter and it creates a better canvas for applying product onto the skin. This mask has a warning on it that says you need to wear sunscreen while out in the sun because it make’s your skin a little bit more sensitive. I love exfoliation so this one I will use often.

Gold: 24k Gold Mask is a gel mask that is supposed to lift the skin and firm it up. It helps skin appear more youthful. I haven’t used this one enough to see the results, but I am excited to see what it can do for my skin in the long run. I’ve heard good things about this mask and may consider buying it full price, depending on my results.

Green: Cucumber Gel Mask helps soothe the skin. It’s hydrating and calming. Sometimes my skin needs a little extra TLC so this one is perfect. Wearing makeup and the environment beating on your skin can irritate it. It’s important to give your skin some comfort. Still on the fence with this one, if it’s worth buying the full size.

Blue: Blue Marine Algae is extremely hydrating. My skin is prone to getting dry, so I love anything that will help lock in moisture. Nobody likes dry skin on their face! This one is also supposed to help prevent future damage, because in reality our skin has to put up with a lot. Still on the fence about whether or not I would want the full size. I feel like the blue and green are very similar, almost too similar to tell the difference. That’s why I am still undecided.

Black: Irish Moor Mud is a purifying mask. It’s filled with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids to help clean out the toxins and impurities that can be found in the skin. I like this one because it helps clean out the pores and detoxifies the skin. I’m a lover of mud masks , but still want to see how this one helps my skin in the next few weeks.

Lately I feel like my skin has been tired and needing extra love. All these face masks felt amazing on. Most of them are gel masks and that alone was refreshing. You can even put the gel ones in the fridge for a cool, calming feeling. I was glad I could try these sample sizes rather than buy full sizes of all of them. My favorites have to be the pink mask and the orange mask. Have you tried any of the Peter Thomas Roth face masks? I would love to hear what you think!

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