With summer officially begun, I feel like hair care gets more simplified. I love the look of beach hair that has a little texture and wave to it.  Some wave sprays have funny smells or leave your hair looking greasy. I have tried many wave sprays, but never seem to buy the same one again. Enter OUAI HAIRCARE wave spray. First off, this stuff smells like perfume, some may find it a bit strong, but it does not linger for long. It just smells of perfume when you first spray your hair. I really enjoy the smell and don’t mind it one bit. I usually spray it on damp hair, but sometimes I spray it on to dry hair, this way it adds more texture. Freshly cleaned hair can be to clean and soft when styling hair, this stuff helps kinda “dirty” the hair making it easier to style. Since my hair is stick straight, I let it air dry in a bun. Sometimes I will quickly wave random sections of a hair with a curling wand just to give it more of a beach hair look. It looks more natural than when I curl all my hair, not as perfect or uniform. It makes it easier to get ready because its less time. When I’m in a hurry I love to use this barrette. I have had it for months and have been telling myself to do a few hairstyles for the blog using the same barrette. That is coming I promise! Leet’s talk about headbands and their versatility. Headbands are unwashed hair’s best friend! I’ll put one on with a top knot when my hair is looking too dirty to have down. Head bands are perfect accessories to have in your hair style arsenal.


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