swatches from top to bottom: Venus// Trophy Wife// Bombshell

from top to bottom: Venus// Bombshell// Trophy Wife// Bombshell Lip Contour

About a month ago, I went to Sephora to pick up some more moisturizer— I always end up leaving with more than I intended. As I walked around the store and happened upon these liquid matte lipsticks. I’ve tried other matte lipsticks, but they didn’t seem too last super long. Don’t get me wrong, they lasted longer than a regular lipstick, but I have been looking for something that has staying power especially when I eat or drink. Nobody likes making a mess of their lipstick! I figured I would give this HUDA BEAUTY liquid matte a try. Once I paid, I hurried to my car to try this out right away. I lined my lips with the HUDA BEAUTY lip contour and then applied my liquid lipstick. Once it dried, I pressed my lips against my hand to see if anything came off. Nothing, nada, niente! I kept it on once I got home and forgot I even had it on. So far I was impressed. I put it to the real test when I had a black tie event to go to (see post here wearing Bombshell). I wore it the entire night and boy did it last! It lasted through sipping on drinks, eating soup, salad, main course and dessert. It didn’t leave any marks on my glass! Towards the end of the night I probably could have used a touch up, but didn’t want to. It looked more like a stain at this point and I liked that. I am very happy with these  liquid matte lipsticks and their lasting color! You should give them a try!

P.S. As much as I love a good statement lip, I’ve been loving neutral tones as of late!

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