Lashes are my jam! I love the look of long, full lashes. It completes any makeup look. I have been debating for sometime about doing eyelash extensions, but for now while I continue that debate, I will use my favorite mascaras to achieve the look I desire. BOBBI BROWN is one of my favorite makeup brands for mascara. Starting from the top left, is the Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening BOBBI BROWN Mascara. This lengthens lashes to the max! It is also a flake free formula and conditions those delicate lashes. Next is the Eye Opening BOBBI BROWN Mascara and does as the name says, opens up those eyes for a more youthful and bright-eyed look. It has a jumbo brush to make sure all those lashes get coated. The last of my BOBBI BROWN mascara collection is the Smokey Eye BOBBI BROWN Mascara, this is my all time favorite and most used. It adds the volume my lashes lack. I combine this one with the Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening. It makes for the best combo because one is volume and the other is lengthening! I will also use this Too Faced BETTER THAN SEX Mascara. I few coats of this and lashes will pop! It adds lots of volume and helps those lashes hold a curl. I always curl my lashes using this Sephora Collection x Utowa PRO Universal Curler. It fits perfectly to the shape of my eye and curls every single lash, even those pesky ones at the end that sometimes get left out. My eyelashes stay curled all day long with this curler, which is exactly what I want!

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