I have been using function of beauty shampoo and conditioner for 3 months now and have seen the benefits from the customized formula. I found this shampoo and conditioner through Instagram and thought it would be fun to try. Most shampoo and conditioners are designed to be one size fits all (for the most part), but this stuff helps target what your hair needs. When you order your formula, you are asked to pick 5 hair goals. It’s hard to pick only five, but choose what you think your hair needs most. My goals are strengthen, lengthen, color protection, shine and soothe scalp. I think my customized formula has helped my hair with achieving these goals. My hair feels stronger, especially since some of my preschoolers at work like to pretend we are at a hair salon and will do my hair. That means a lot of pulling and tugging on my hair. My hair is able to withstand those little hands trying to braid my hair. My hair is growing faster, that’s for sure. I cut my hair above my shoulders last January, but seriously regret that decision because I have been trying to grow it out since. My hair is longer and my annoying baby hairs from after having a child, no longer stand straight up and blend better into my hair. The color protection was an important goal for me. I recently dyed my hair for the first time last year and the auburn color in it started to turn orange. My hair stylist (after moving back home) was able to fix the previous hair stylist’s job. She used a lightening tint to lighten my ends because she refuses to bleach it—she’s known me for a long time and doesn’t want to damage my hair. I was afraid my hair would pull warm again and turn that brassy orange color. Thankfully it hasn’t happened since I lightened my ends in February, which was the last time my hair was colored and cut. My hair is definitely shiny! I’m talking ultra shiny in the sun with no added shine product! It makes me hair so glossy and soft. The last and most important goal on my list was to soothe the scalp. I’m prone to dry scalp. My scalp is doing so much better. I don’t have to worry about whether or not my scalp might be super dry after washing it. I plan on keeping these same 5 hair goals and the grapefruit scent. The only thing I will be changing for the next order is the color and using the scent strength to strong. Overall my hair looks healthier than it did before. Honestly I think it looks better than it ever has! I highly recommend you check out function of beauty and customize your hair care. You will not regret it! Click here to receive $5 off your first order!

^^P.S. you can see those annoying baby hairs, but they are finally blending better! ^^

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